How to Help Someone Overcome Alcohol Addiction

How To Help Someone Overcome Alcohol Addiction

Do you know someone who suffers from alcohol addiction? While it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed, it is important to realize that not all hope is lost. From getting the person to acknowledge their personal challenges to supporting them through alcohol rehabilitation, it is an emotionally demanding position to be in.


If you have a loved one who is struggling with excessive use of alcohol, you can take some important steps to help them address their problem. Your support can be a positive influence on their journey to be alcohol-free. When someone has lost reliable control of their alcohol intake, it’s best to consider professional treatment programs to help them turn things around. 

Recognizing The Signs Of Alcohol Addiction

While there is no exact formula for knowing whether someone is an alcoholic or not, there are various exhibiting signs that may be recognizable to identify alcohol abuse. In addition to the potentially lethal damages, it can incur to someone’s body, the social consequences can be just as destructive. So take note of these warning signs listed below:  


  • Repeated neglecting your responsibilities at home and at work
  • Social isolation from friends and family
  • Displaying signs of irritability and difficult mood swings 
  • Drinking alcohol to cope with stress
  • Drinking alone or in secrecy

Reaching Out to An Alcoholic

It can be hard to bring up the subject of someone’s drinking problem. But once you’ve noticed that the person is displaying warning signs which indicate excessive drinking, try to say something as soon as possible. Otherwise, their drinking may damage their body and may lead to further problems. Before diving into the subject, make sure that you are familiar with the symptoms of alcohol addiction, so that you’re abreast of the situation. 


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